Everybody working at Canadian Best Practice Quality Audits Inc. has first-hand experience in Medical Device Reprocessing, Operating Room Nursing, or Infection Control. Their experience has been gained in large teaching hospitals in Canada and the United Kingdom.

My name is Janet Bristeir, I am the CEO of Canadian Best Practice Quality Audits

I trained as a registered nurse in England; my speciality is operating room nursing and the reprocessing of the surgical instruments and equipment. (That’s the cleaning, disinfecting or sterilization of instruments, and equipment used for surgical procedures or treatments.)

Patient safety was always my biggest concern in the Operating Room; it was my responsibility to ensure that the patients were safe during every procedure where I was involved.

My decades of clinical experience as a Registered Nurse and as a Health Record Administrator more than qualify me, to bring you a wealth of valuable experience regarding Patient Safety, Quality Assurance and Risk Management. (I evaluate how processes and systems can be applied to the day to day running of a Health Care facility and track that the desired outcomes are obtained.)

I’m involved on a daily basis with the safety aspects of how surgical instruments are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized before they are used in surgical procedures or treatments. My work is to ensure that all the processes needed to produce clean and sterile surgical equipment are carried out to the highest quality standards.

I am part of the British Columbia Ministry of Health Regional Working Group that developed the “Best Practice Guidelines for The Cleaning Disinfection and Sterilization of Critical and Semi Critical Medical Devices”.

I have collaborated with a research group at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia and  participated in projects related to medical tourism. In 2011, we released a report, “Understanding the Health and Safety Risks for British Columbia’s Outbound Medical Tourists”. I have presented this report at a Provincial Infection Control conference for an audience of doctors, nurses and infection control practitioners. For some of them, this was their first exposure to medical tourism, other than the items they have seen in the media reports.

I’ve also been the primary front-line developer of an electronic version of the Best Practice Guidelines Audit Tool, which I use in over 150 healthcare facilities in British Columbia.

There is nothing in the world like this program.  It is based on the Canadian Best Practice Guidelines for reprocessing Critical and Semi-critical Medical Devices, and there is no other medical person that I know of, that has been given permission to share this process with Medical Tourism Facilities.

I can answer all your questions, comments, and concerns about how the details of this program work during the welcome call. I promise you will get more than your investment back quickly.