1. Personal review of your site(s) conducted against the Canadian Best Practice Guidelines for Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization of Critical and Semi Critical Medical Devices.
  2. On achievement of 100% compliance, a Platinum certificate of compliance is awarded.
  3. The certificate requires annual renewal.  To verify Best Practices are maintained, a new certificate will be issued after each audit.
  4. If less than 100% is achieved at the time of audit, a certificate will be awarded indicating the level of compliance achieved.
  5. The next step is then engagement in a comprehensive program for remediation of non-compliant items.
  6. The program identifies the top trends in non-compliant items and a proposed schedule is designed for the specific site.
  7. The schedule will include identified items such as:
    1. Policy and Procedure manuals
    2. Policy and Procedure updates
    3. Staff education
      1. Reference and resources
      2. Documentation
      3. Continuing competencies