When people are frustrated with not getting surgeries they want or require they start looking for other options where they could go and pay for the procedure they want or need. They are becoming what is known as medical tourists. Many people will surf the internet looking for health facilities to accommodate their requirements. They are looking for something familiar, something they recognize that will encourage them to investigate that facility further.

If a medical tourism health care facility had a certificate that demonstrated they had gone that extra step to have an equivalent Canadian certification, equivalent to the Canadian Best Practice Guidelines for Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization of Critical and Semi Critical Medical Devices; what would it tell potential Canadian clients about that facility and its attention to patient quality and reassurance to potential clients to the fact that they pay attention to Canadian Standards?

Canadian Best Practice Quality Audits have been in place in Canada since 2007 and have demonstrated a record of improvement in the safety of patients and confidence in the health care provided by Canadian health facilities.

I was recently granted permission from the British Columbia Ministry of Health to share the work I’ve been doing in Canada with YOU, and any other foreign medical facility interested in attracting new Canadian clients.

In other words, I am the only medical person granted permission to offer my Canadian Best Practice Quality Audit Program to you.